Allrecipe’s Epic Grilling Giveaway on Amazon Alexa!

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Hey Chef John. I would love a copy of your toasting guide. I can not enter the contest because I'm north of the border!

No "home chef?" Disappointing. Love your YouTube series!

Chief John ….. I can not even win your book I do not live in the United States ….. I am Canadian … and Dam proud of that! …… So where can I buy a copy?

Dear Chef, You do not have to post this comment, I did not know how to contact you otherwise. I just wanted to let Amazon know, through you that, although I love your recipes and my blog, I would not enter this contest because like thousands of other residents of apartments and townspeople who risk theft, I do not want a grill, even if I grill on a hibachi. So, although I appreciate that they probably publish your grill guide, and I would have liked a copy, I will not enter into their contest to get one. And again, thank you for all "the wonderful" that comes from you two.

Thanks John! I can not wait to put my hand on your epic fence guide. All your grilling recipe is amazing, so I'm curious to know which ones are your favorite favorites!

where can I get the grill guide when I can not enter the contest? (Fan of Canada here)