Cheese and Biscuits: Bite Me Burgers, Holborn

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Cha Chaan Teng is a huge and ugly basement restaurant on a huge and ugly Kingsway in Covent Garden, which as far as I know has remained relatively untouched by paying customers since it opened last September . I did not like it very much, and a quick glance at their menu today reveals not much for changing to make me think it was worth it. try now, and yet I found myself venturing into this staircase trimming once more through a (sorry "pop-up") residence by Bite Me Burgers, who have set up in the small kitchen of Cha Chaan Teng (yes, CCT had two kitchens, we do not know why).

Bite Me comes from Australia, joining a list of restaurants that have made the jump of the Southern Hemisphere so much … in fact, now I thought, he? Bill's Australian? If that is the case, I am not surprised not to hear many Australians bragging about this; My friend has already had a lunch at Bill's place in Richmond, so bad she left in tears. So, there is not a great tradition of Australian restaurant concepts expanding in the UK, it is a courageous soul indeed – in this case, chef Adam Rawson – who would attempt such a brewing of Newcastle to start a hamburger chain. We are, because even the most unconscious must have noticed to this day, sort of "OK for the hamburgers" as a city.

For Bite Me to be even noticed, then, they should be something very special. Surprisingly – and I really surprised – the hamburgers themselves, the small sliding waist stuff, pretty like a picture and sold in sets of 3, 4 or 12, immediately found a space in my 5 best hamburgers of the city. They are awesome. Unfortunately for Bite Me, sharing a space with Cha Chaan Teng means not only that they are served in a room with as much charm and sophistication as a branch of Foxtons, but that they are also at headquarters policy of the CTC. These cabins spacious and covered with leather on the sides? Not for you, my friend – you'll be sitting on a rickety plastic table for two in the middle of the room, while all the good tables remain resolutely empty for the duration of your meal.

But enough moans about the seating arrangements; Eat me, do it anyway, and Lincoln's Field Inn is just around the corner. No, what is really important is hamburgers, and it turns out that Adam Rawson, along with MeatLiquor, Bleecker and Burgerac, and maybe only a handful of other people in the country, knows exactly which makes a good burger and exactly how to pass that knowledge on to a final cracking product. Beef, aged and mellow texture (I guess I'm never frozen) recalls the work of Nathan Mills for Bleecker, which is obviously a big compliment you can pay, well, chopped. The short list of varieties – one with bacon, one with grated lettuce and a "Big Mac" sauce, is exquisitely chosen and made with taste; I will even allow them a "Hawaiian" option with pineapple, because even this was nice and strangely comforting rather than deliberately eccentric for the quirk concern. And even a lamb hamburger, sharp with blue cheese and jalapeno, boasted fresh and satisfying products at all levels.

The strikes were refined, which is slightly annoying, but had a good thunderbolt and was well seasoned (Himalayan salt, apparently if you think it makes a difference). And I have not tried the chicken burger, nor the duck and truffle, nor even a milkshake, but I suspect very strongly that all this has been superbly studied and executed competently as all that j & I tried. As I said, it is an operation that knows what it does.

So, who knew a new burger concept, Australia from all places, would have the power to climb to the top of the hamburger in 2017? The only dark cloud in the horizon is that, so close to work, and so eminently suited to diving, consuming my hamburger might even be further away from what it already is. Perhaps I could ask them to limit me their sales, as the arrangements that the players have made with Casinos. A set of four per month, this should be my limit. Or maybe every week? Come on, I can take it. I can stop all the time I like.

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