Escalloped Runner Beans and Potatoes

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I was recently endowed with beautiful runners very tasty. I
I remember my friend Jacquie who tells me about these long green legs
beans before coming here to live in the UK. I could not imagine a
Bean has a long time, but she was right, they are so long,
longer! They are really very easy to prepare for cooking. you must
first pull a knife and tape
away the stringy piece on the join on each side of each bean. If you are
lucky enough to have one, then you can feed
through a bean slicer. If you do not have bean slicer, you can do it
the same with a sharp knife. It will take you a lot longer
to do it!

It does not work by cutting them into cubes or diamonds. If they are simply chopped into small diamond shapes, the skins
longer to cook than inside and end up being gray and
overcooked or overcooked and hard.

I cut mine by hand in long strips. I did not just want to spray them
however, I wanted to try incorporating them into a tasty vegetable
cook. I looked online to see if I could find anything out there. . . but
everything I found used tomato sauce or canned tomatoes. This does not
calls me at least.


I wanted something rich and indulgent, and fill. I will admit, I
has spent some of the meat recently for a strange reason. I am
wanting vegetables and a lot of them. I have always enjoyed my vegetables, and I love potatoes and so I decided
incorporate the beans into one of my favorite potato dishes all the time
. . . Sweet potatoes. Layers of potatoes and onions cooked with milk
until the knife runs off the knife. . milk-absorbing potatoes for
with the rest becoming a butter sauce when the flour and
The butter you also lie with the potatoes fuses together.

A little cheese and seasoning and they are even tastier. i thought
adding a layer of beans and a leek (instead of orange)
leads to a truly delicious vegetable plate! I was right. That was fabulous. Todd had his own with turkey sliced.
I enjoyed mine alone with ripe tomatoes sliced ​​on the side
and was as happy as happy to be!

[4] * Escaloped Runner Beans and Potatoes *

came up with this delicious dish when I was gifted with a good bag
beans and tried to find something delicious to do
in addition to boiling them.

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