Grilled Flat Iron – Make the Steak, Not the Mistake

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Well, at least I do not have to type in the amounts of ingredients
for this flat, perhaps delicious steak. I thought maple syrup, coffee and
Bourbon would be great together, but it turns out that they were not even good

Agree, they were bad. This reminded me of daily, missing specialties
really bad, at one of these mall steaks. Fortunately, we have several excellent marinades that will work
perfectly with this great steak, and I will list a few below.

As I have said in
the video, the real point was to share what is an excellent cut of flat iron beef
for the grill. It checks all the boxes and requires practically no cutting.
Moreover, and very ironically, it is particularly good to absorb marinades.

So enjoy this with your favorite pre-grilled temper, or
see one of the following links. Whatever it is, I really hope you offer
Iron steaks are soon trying. Enjoy!

Here are some marinade recipes that would be perfect for

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