How to Cook Cabbage Perfectly

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I was asked the other day to cook the cabbage. Cabbage is one of those
the vegetables we love in this house, but it is very easy
vegetables, mainly because many people grow it
horribly. There is nothing more appealing than an ather dish
a cabbage boiled too covered and tasteless. BLA bla. BLA bla. BLA bla.
The fresh cabbage, slightly cooked, is full of goodness, packed with
vitamins, minerals and flavors and it is not expensive or annoying in the

Cabbage should always be eaten as fresh as possible – it loses nutrients
if stored too long. A fresh unwrapped cabbage should have shiny air
and crunchy, with its leaves intact (often if it has had its outside
the leaves removed, it is because they were soft, which is not good
sign). The center should feel firm and the leaves should squeak like you
separate them. You will want to get rid of discolored or little
then cut the cabbage into quarters. Delete and
throw the core, then cut the cabbage across in thin strips,
about 1/3 inch in width, with a sharp knife. The secret of cooking
The cabbage is to bake it briefly
boiling water. I like to pack it hard enough in a saucepan,
sprinkle with good sea salt. I then place the pan on a high
heat, adding boiling water to the kettle. This comes back to boiling
almost instantly. I then for 3 to 5 minutes. It is done when
you can bite a piece and is just yields, just like cooking pasta. Drain
it is immediately in a large strainer, by tapping and pressing lightly
extract as much water as possible. J uses a bread and butter
plate for that. I cut in the cabbage at the edge of the plate
which cuts lightly. You can then dress it up with a little butter,
a little salt and pepper and serve it while it is nice and hot. Delicious!

I think the old school method of cooking most vegetables was to cook
They're pretty much dead for some reason. I have a very old
Cookbooks that recommend cooking carrots for 45 minutes, for example.
Absolutely all the nutritional value would be quite boiled
at that time, I think! I do not want to eat a carrot that
boiled for a long time. I do not want them to be difficult. C & # 39;
the same for most vegetables. There is a very fine line between them
be exaggerated or underpaid, but with a little practice, everyone can
That's right. You can find an excellent table with cooking times here.

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