siriously delicious: Leprechaun Bait

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In the morning, the boys and the tits! I read this in my mind with a really lame Irish accent as I wrote it. I also had a strange reverie this morning about a leper running into the room and pinching my tip while brushing my teeth. Probably no need to tell you, huh? I obviously ate too much of this bait Leprechaun sweet and salty that I saw on Pinterest. Basically, you read a lot of stuff you probably already have in your home – popcorn, rice cereal, pretzels – and add the Lucky Charms (I found the limited edition box of the Saint- Patrick), M & M green (I used a bag of mint), and the green candies to the liquor are based on everything! A bit rude? Yes. Fun for kids to do? Yes. Will it really catch leprechauns? DUH! Happy Saint Patrick!

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