siriously delicious: Pull Apart Pizza Bread

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Over the weekend, I made this ridiculous, absurd, out-of-this-world pizza bread, cheese, gooey, tasty. Should I keep talking? L & # 39; writing? Blogging? Whatever it is, I do. Basically, you should probably do it as soon as possible. This requires a little effort, but it is not difficult. Additional bonus? Your children will totally want to help, and by "helping" I mean that they will want to sprinkle flour all over their body and the soil as the fairies do. The pizza dough should only sit for an hour, so the whole thing gets relatively close. Once ready, you will find small circles with a mixture of cheese and cheese (the one you could add to your favorite pizza toppings!), Then stick them into a bread dish and cook oven. Oh, and you go out with a butter chive sauce, because this is not sinful and delicious enough. (Sarcasme)

You can find the recipe HERE . Enjoy!

{Mozzarella, parmesan, pizza sauce, sliced ​​pepperoni, Italian seasoning}

{My little servants, flour ALL IN THE STORIES}

{Stuffed pockets, ready to cook …}

{Here is! Filled with a chive butter sauce}

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