Smoky Bacon Mac & Cheese

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Goooooood morning, Internet! I'm back with another TODAY Tonight, which is a series where I do something at home that Carson was eating at work and absolutely loved, mainly to make him calm down about it. I laugh! I love hearing it! Anyway, after trying this Smoky Bacon Mac & Cheese (with Gruyère and Caramelized Onion), he said that it was probably the best thing he had never ate on the show, and that Matt Lauer shared similar feelings. This is a very good review, if you ask me. We had friends over this weekend, so that was the perfect opportunity to do it and it was delicious. Quite delicate to use commas inappropriately. It is made with smoked gouda and pepper, smoked bacon with apple and seasoned with cayenne and paprika … all of which contribute to the most wonderful smoke flavor. And it does not hurt you to use bacon fat to make the roux. Try it definitely at your next gathering, especially if you are a fan of bacon, and if you try the other, send me your thoughts!

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